360-degree feedback

In today’s competitive market, organisations need to select, recruit and retain the very best people. They must also maximise an employee’s potential by measuring their performance, leveraging their strengths and identifying their developmental needs.

A 360-degree feedback process provides a comprehensive and realistic assessment of an individual’s performance by gathering information from a variety of sources including the individual themselves, their manager, their peers, their direct reports, or anybody who is credible to the individual and is familiar with his or her work. As opposed to receiving feedback only from one’s manager or supervisor, gathering information from many sources enables individuals to develop a more balanced view of their performance.

Also known as multi-rater feedback, 360-degree feedback is a powerful and sensitive process and can increase an individual’s awareness of how their colleagues view their performance and indeed how it compares with their own view of their performance. It can serve as a strong catalyst for development and behaviour change.

The information obtained from the feedback survey is presented to the individual with the aim of helping them to gain a better understanding of his or her skills and development areas.

Allworth Juniper can provide off-the-shelf or customised 360 feedback surveys using an organisation’s own competency framework. Briefing consultations with the individual are provided by experienced psychologists and both individual and group reports can be generated.