Assessing Talent

We know about the risks of hiring the wrong people for the job; and we know the benefits of getting it right. We believe there is the right job for everyone, but that the match is not always immediately obvious.

Allworth Juniper’s psychological assessment and testing services can give you greater confidence that you are making the right employee selection decision. We get beneath the surface and measure the personal attributes and capabilities that are required for specific roles in your business. We help you minimise the risk of mis-hiring.

Our talent identification services

Why Allworth Juniper?
  • We are discerning about the tests we use, drawing only on those that have been developed through rigorous research
  • We are not wedded to any particular test publisher so can draw from a range of available tests
  • We tailor our assessments to your recruitment needs
  • We understand jobs and the personal attributes and capabilities that they require
  • We provide immediate feedback to facilitate the selection process
  • Our competency-based reports provide useful information to guide reference checking and management of the successful candidate
  • We treat your candidates with care and respect
  • All candidates have the opportunity to receive feedback on their assessment results

Our test accreditations

We draw from a range reputable test publishers and distributors to ensure that your assessments are tailored to your needs. Our preferred suppliers are:

  • Saville Consulting (e.g., cognitive ability tests and Wave)
  • CEB SHL (e.g., cognitive ability tests, OPQ, CCSQ, WSQ, MQ, Scenarios and assessment centre exercises)
  • Hogan Assessments (e.g., HPI, HDS, MPVI, Hogan 360)
  • ACER (e.g., ACER Select, WPI)
  • CPP Asia Pacific (e.g., Thomas Killman Inventory – conflict resolution; EQ-i 2.0)
  • PsychPress (e.g., MBTI, SPQ Gold)
  • AC-EXS (business analysis simulations)
  • Team Management Systems (e.g., TMI)
  • Revelian (e.g., Excel Skills Test, Work Reliability Scale)