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    Past Newsletters / PsychScope

    May 2020 Structuring your workday at home

    April 2020 Working from home doesn’t mean working from bed!

    October 2018 It might be a difficult conversation, but it is not one to avoid

    September 2018 Extending the value of pre-employment assessment data during onboarding

    August 2018 Is your interview process letting you down?

    June 2018 Does faking a personality test give candidates an unfair advantage?

    March 2018 What’s trending in graduate assessment?

    February 2018 Does your personality affect your salary?

    January 2018 Top 10 HR Trends for 2018

    November 2017 Mindless vs. Mindful screen time

    October 2017 The ROI of gender diversity

    September 2017 Unconscious gender bias: What happened to a fair go?

    August 2017 Do you know what you don’t know?

    July 2017 Reflective Leadership: How reflection leads to improved performance

    June 2017 Communication Skills

    May 2017 Success Profiling: How to get the most out of identifying high performers

    April 2017 Feedback: We can give it but can we take it?

    March 2017 How to tell people what you really think… Respectfully and constructively

    February 2017 Recruiting senior managers and executives: To test or not to test?

    January 2017 Multiple hurdles in graduate selection: Is it cost effective?

    November 2016 Psychology Week Edition 3 – APS Compass for Life Survey

    November 2016 Psychology Week Edition 2 – Using PERMA to improve wellbeing

    November 2016 Psychology Week Edition 1 – Ways to thrive!

    October 2016 Selection and beyond! Optimising the value of pre-employment assessment data

    August 2016 The interview is dead! Long live the interview!

    July 2016 Reducing gender bias in personnel selection

    June 2016 Innovation in graduate selection

    May 2016 Graduate recruitment – Is cognitive testing delivering on its promise?

    April 2016 Leave it at the office: Psychologically disengage from your day

    March 2016  Coaching tips for managers