Service Level Agreement

Service Agreement for the Provision of Psychometric Assessment Services

Allworth Juniper is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. Service standards and procedures for the provision of psychometric assessment for the selection of job candidates is as follows:

  • Choice of tests and assessment methods. The range of tests and assessments to be administered will be determined in consultation with the client and will take into account the competencies the client wishes to assess and the role level.
  • Test administration. Candidates can usually be assessed within a couple of days notice. Some tests can be completed on-line at the candidate’s convenience, while others may be completed under supervision. While the duration of the assessment will vary depending on the nature and number of tests used, a standard assessment requires about 3 hours of candidate time whether in our office, the office of one of our affiliates, or in a location convenient for the candidate.
  • Feedback to client. Clients are contacted by phone for initial feedback within 24 hours of the candidate completing the assessment.
  • Reports. A written report is delivered to the client within 48 hours unless otherwise agreed with the client. The format and level of detail provided in the report will be agreed with the client prior to the assessment.
  • Feedback to candidates. Verbal feedback is available to all candidates after a decision has been made by the client. Candidates are advised at the time of their assessment that they will need to contact Allworth Juniper to receive feedback. Feedback to candidates on their assessment will be provided by a psychologist.
  • Feedback to recruitment agencies. Verbal feedback will be provided with the written authorisation of the candidate and the client’s agreement.
  • Privacy and informed consent. Reports are issued only with the informed consent of the candidate. Where possible, candidates sign a Privacy Disclosure Form to authorise the release of assessment results to specified parties. Candidates who undertake the assessment unsupervised (e.g. regional or international candidates) are advised that completion of the assessment is indication of their authorisation for the release of their results to the client. Further details of Allworth Juniper’s privacy policy can be found on this web-site click here.
  • Use of reports. Assessment reports should not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were originally prepared. Assessment results will only be reissued with the written consent of the candidate. Assessment results that are likely to be out-dated (after 12 months) may not be released.
  • Management of the process. The assessment process is managed by a registered psychologist who will also write the report and provide feedback to the client and candidates. In the case of interstate or overseas test administration, the test administration is conducted either on-line or by one of our network of psychologists, although Allworth Juniper manages all other steps in the process (i.e., determining the test battery, feedback to the client and candidate, report preparation).
  • Fees. All fees will be agreed with the client prior to conducting the assessment and will be forwarded directly to the client. Testing required outside of normal working hours will attract a surcharge of $250 plus GST and a fee of $150 plus GST may be charged for a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice. Please note, any costs associated with generating reports for candidates who have subsequently withdrawn their application will be passed to the client.