Adapting Psychological Assessment for Candidates with Disabilities

Allworth Juniper’s policy is to support, as far as possible, all candidates to perform to the best of their ability in the psychological assessment process. As such, we aim to accommodate any necessary modifications to the tests we use, their mode of delivery, and the administration process when assessing candidates with physical, intellectual, learning or other disabilities.

Allworth Juniper’s approach to psychological assessment
Allworth Juniper uses a variety of psychometric tests and questionnaires to assess the cognitive abilities, personality and motivational fit of candidates applying for roles with our clients. The assessments vary according to the level and function of the role.

All tests are completed online. As the table below shows, the cognitive tests are timed while the personality and motivation questionnaires are untimed.

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Modifications to the assessment methods and processes
There are a number of modifications that Allworth Juniper can make to the assessments and the way in which they are administered such as:
1. The time limits on cognitive testing can be increased. The time allowances will be determined and agreed in consultation with the candidate and the client in advance of the assessment.

2. Candidates may invite an assistant to read the questions and/or enter their responses.

3. As all tests are conducted online, some may be amenable to increased font size.

4. Some candidates may have aids that they use in the workplace, such as a modified computer or calculator, a computer simulated speech program, an optical magnifier or a Braille reader and other devices to assist reading and writing. Candidates are welcome to use these if our tests can be adapted to them.

5. The assessments used by Allworth Juniper do not rely on colour perception, so this is unlikely to be an issue for candidates who are affected by forms of colour blindness.

Our Assessment Process
The following steps outline the process Allworth Juniper takes in the management of assessments for candidates with disabilities:
1. Referral. If a client or a candidate themselves flag with us that a candidate has any form of physical, intellectual or learning disability, the psychologist managing the assessment will gather the details and discuss the relevant assessments with the client.

2. Discussion with candidate. The psychologist managing the assessment will next speak with the candidate to gain their perception of how their disability may affect their performance in the psychometric assessments and in the workplace. We will also ask the candidate how he or she usually accommodates for their disability and how it has affected their roles in the past. This should help to determine what allowances or changes to make to the psychological assessment methods and processes.

3. Agreement with client on proposed modifications. Allworth Juniper will liaise with the client about the allowances or changes that may be required, inform them of the likely impact on the assessment results, and gain agreement on the proposed modifications to the testing.

All information provided to Allworth Juniper regarding a candidate’s physical, intellectual or learning disability will be kept confidential, as with all other candidate information that is provided to us.

Should you require further information about our approach to the assessment of candidates with disabilities, please call one of our psychologists on 02 9223 2774.

October 2016