Development centres

Assessment and development planning for leadership teams and emerging leaders.

A Development Centre is very similar to an Assessment Centre in terms of its structure and the combination of psychometric and behavioural assessments used. The critical difference is that the primary focus of a development centre is on developing the individual and identifying their potential as opposed to filling a job vacancy. There is also greater emphasis on self-assessment. The individual controls the information to some extent, and feedback is provided after each exercise to help participants build a picture of their capability along with ideas for maintaining and/or improving in certain competency areas. Individuals may also develop their own feedback giving skills by assessing and providing feedback to other participants. Participants in a development centre are part of the learning process and their responses to situations are considered from a personal and professional development perspective.

The particular competencies measured in a development centre will depend upon the target job and/or the core competencies of the organisation, but may include relating to people; dealing with stress; planning and organising; adaptability and flexibility; problem solving; leadership; communication; decision making and initiative. Strengths and development needs are identified in the relevant competency areas and development plans are designed.

Allworth Juniper can assist with the design and facilitation of a development centre for your organisation.