Feedback skills workshop

Giving feedback is an essential skill for anyone who manages or coaches people or works with others in a team.

Feedback is a positive, helping act, and can be the key to growth for people.

They want to be able to recognise what they do well so that they may enhance these strengths, and they also wish to be made aware of any part of their performance that could be improved and/or further developed.

Our feedback skills workshop is useful for anyone managing, developing or coaching others, anyone working as part of a team, or anyone responsible for managing workplace disagreements or conflict. It focuses not only on how to give effective feedback but how to receive feedback as well.

While the program can be customised to suit specific organisational needs, the modules covered include a model for giving constructive feedback, communication skills including active listening techniques, guidelines for giving and receiving feedback, pitfalls to avoid in the feedback process, and interactive role-play exercises designed to provide participants with opportunities to practise their feedback skills.