Behavioural assessments

Behavioural assessments enable direct observations of behaviour in situations that simulate the target job. As such, they can enable very powerful insights into the candidate’s behaviour and capabilities on tasks that will be required of them on the job. At Allworth Juniper, we use a combination of off-the-shelf behavioural assessments and those that we design ourselves. Typical behavioural assessments include:


Business analysis tasks

A business simulation assessing the ability to identify and make appropriate judgements from a complex set of business problems. The candidate reads a lengthy and detailed briefing document and makes business recommendations and decisions in a written report and/or oral presentation.

In-tray exercises

A “day in the life of” business simulation. Assesses the ability to identify and respond to a range of business issues presented in different formats e.g., emails, letters, reports, financial documents, press releases, etc.

Role plays

Behavioural observations of an individual’s skill in work-related business interactions, e.g., giving performance feedback, resolving a conflict with a peer.