Psychometric testing

Our organisational psychologists can help you to choose the psychometric tests that will give you the best insights into the personal attributes you require in your employees. The tests we use are sourced from reputable test publishers, allowing us to build an assessment process that is relevant to the level and function of the target role.  We scan and research the market to find the assessments that will best meet your needs.  In the burgeoning marketplace of psychometric tests, it is usually possible to find a test for any personal attribute you might wish to measure.

Here are just some of the personal attributes that we typically assess:


Cognitive ability

Speed of thinking and learning; capacity for problem-solving and decision-making; analytical ability; strategic thinking ability; verbal and numerical skills.


Personal attributes necessary for the role such as interpersonal confidence and style; team and leadership orientation; flexibility; organisation and planning; conscientiousness; emotional self-management, etc.


The workplace factors that will promote the employee’s success by inspiring and motivating them such as autonomy, financial reward, recognition, a challenge, being busy etc.

Career interests

The kind of work that is likely to be most satisfying e.g., working with people, business management, artistic careers, health, education, welfare, the trades, etc.

Conflict resolution

Approach to resolving conflict – win-win; compromise; yield; compete, etc.

Managerial judgement

A situational judgement test assessing the ability to make appropriate responses to challenging managerial situations – people, operational and strategic management.

Safety awareness

Knowledge of safety issues and tendency to risk safety.

Sales aptitude

Sales confidence and orientation across the phases of the sales cycle – cold calling, relationship development, closing negotiations, etc.

Learning agility

Capacity for, and openness to, new learning; the ability to respond effectively to ambiguity and uncertainty.

Emotional intelligence

Awareness of emotions in self and others; ability to manage one’s own emotions